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Lecturer and Researcher at the Operations Research Department, University of Los Andes, Venezuela.

Associate Member at the Centro de Simulacion y Modelos (CESIMO: Center for Simulation and Modeling). Universidad de Los Andes. Venezuela

Associate Member at the Centro de Estudios en Microelectrínica y Sistemas Distribuidos (CEMIID: Center for Microlectronics and Distributed Systems). Universidad de Los Andes. Venezuela

Ex PhD. student at the Centre for Policy Modelling (CPM), Faculty of Management and Business, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.

Ex Planning and Development Manager at FUNDACITE-Mérida

Ex Executive Director at FUNDACITE-Mérida

Ex Director at CENDITEL

Curriculum (English, Spanish, SpanishA4)

Some publications (see also: http://cesimo.ing.ula.ve/simsocia/index.php/Main/Publicaciones or Curriculum (English, Spanish, SpanishA4))

Terán, Oswaldo and Domingo Carlos (1996), "Simulación Estructural y Análisis de Escenarios",  Economía, Universidad de Los Andes, 13.[.pdf] [.ps]

Domingo Carlos, Tonella Giorgio and Terán Oswaldo (1996), "Generating Scenarios by Structural Simulation", in AI, Simulation and Planning High Autonomy Systems, The Univ. of Arizona, pp 331-336.

Domingo Carlos, T. Jiménez, V. Ramírez, M. Sananes, O. Terán, G. Tonella (1996), "Simulation of Structural Change", in A. Bruzzone and E. Kerckhoffs (editors), SCS publs, pp 112-117.

Terán Oswaldo, Edmonds Bruce and Steve Wallis "Mapping the Envelope of Social Simulation Trajectories", To be presented at: Multi Agent Based Simulation 2000 (MABS2000) at the 4th International Conference on MultiAgent Systems (ICMAS2000), Boston, MA, 8th-9th July, 2000.  [.pdf][.ps] [CPM Report No: 00-72]

 Terán Oswaldo, B. Edmonds and S. Wallis, "Determining the Envelope of Emergent Agent Behaviour via Architectural Transformation", to be presented at the 7th International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures and Languages (ATAL2000) at the 4th International Conference on MultiAgent Systems (ICMAS2000), Boston, MA, 8th-9th July, 2000. [.pdf] [.ps]  [CPM Report No: 00-73] [Social Science Research Network Electronic Library]

Terán Oswaldo, Bruce Edmonds and Steve Wallis, “Constraint Exploration and Envelope of Simulation Trajectories”, First Workshop on Rule-Based Constraint Reasoning and Programming at the First International Conference on Computational Logic (CL2000), July 24-28, 2000, Imperial College, London, UK (pagina del workshop:
http://www.pst.informatik.uni-muenchen.de/personen/fruehwir/cl2000r.html; este trabajo puede ser obtenido también desde: http://arXiv.org/abs/cs/0007001)

Terán Oswaldo, Bruce Edmonds and Steve Wallis, "Enveloping Tendencies in Fragments of a Simulation Theory", first four Business School Working Papers (ISSN 1471-857X), Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, December, 2000 (http://www.man-bus.mmu.ac.uk/wps/fullpapers.htm), 1-21.

Terán Oswaldo, “How Nature Works: The Science of Self-Organised Criticality” (Review Essay), Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS), Online Journal at: http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/4/4/contents.html, 2001. Review Essay of Per Bak´s Book, How Nature Works: The Science of Self-Organised Criticality, New York, NY: Copernicus Press, 1996.

Terán Oswaldo, Emergent Tendencies in Multi-Agent Based Simulations Using Constraint-Based Methods to Effect Practical Proofs Over Finite Subsets of Simulation Outcomes, Doctoral Thesis, Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2001 [CPM Report No. 86] [Social Science Research Network Electronic Library]

Terán Oswaldo and Bruce Edmonds, “Computational Complexity of a Constraint Model-based Proof of the Envelope of Tendencies in a MAS-based Simulation Model”, Second International Workshop on Complexity Deduction (CiAD) in conjunction with CADE-18 and FloC 2002,  25-26 July, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002.

Terán Oswaldo, Modelado de Organizaciones, Publicaciones Facultad de Ingeniería, ULA, Mérida, Venezuela, 2002.

Terán Oswaldo, “A Framework for Social Simulation Modelling: a Hierarchy of Contextual Levels”, North American Association for Computacional Social and Organizationa Science (NAACSOS) Conference), June, 22-25, Pittsburg, PA, USA., 2003

Aguilar, Jose, Terán Oswaldo and Ingrid Vivas, "Modelo de Desarrollo Tecnológico para Venezuela", Question, pp 6-7, Caracas, Venezuela, December, 2003.

Terán Oswaldo and Bruce Edmonds, “Constraint Model-based Exploration of Simulation Trajectories in a MABS Model”,   18th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming (WLP 2004), Potsdam, Germany, March 4-6,  2004 (http://www.informatik.uni-kiel.de/~mh/wlp2004/accepted.html). Una selección de artículos de este congreso será publicada en LNCS.

Terán Oswaldo, “Understanding MAS and Social Simulation: Switching Between Languages in a Hierarchy of Levels”, International Conference on Complex Systems 2004 (ICCS2004), New England Complex Systems Institute, Marriott Boston Quincy, Boston, MA, USA, May 16-21, 2004 (http://necsi.net/events/iccs/openconf/author/list_abstracts_by_topic.php)

Terán Oswaldo, A Framework for Social Simulation Modelling: a Hierarchy of Contextual Levels , 8th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI 2004), Orlando, USA, July 18-21, 2004.


Organizational Simulation and Modelling.
Organsational Structural Change

Social Simulation (European Social Simulation Association, Social Simulation Ibero-America (list: SimSocIA@ula.ve))
Self-organised Criticality

Interpretive Systemology

Situational Planning

Model Viable System

Systems Theory


Software Development Methodologies

Culture, Context



At present I am teaching two courses related with Organisations (material de los cursos en internet).

A monograph [.pdf] in the subject is being elaborated (in Spanish).



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Map and photos of the area surrounding (my town) Burbusay in Trujillo, Venezuela


E-mail: oteran@ula.ve, o.teran@mmu.ac.uk
Address: Departamento de Investigación de Operaciones, Universidad de Los Andes,
Mérida, Venezuela. Phone: +58 - 274 - 240 2879 / 2988.

What is reality?....What is knowledge? ...let's see some opinions related with these questions:

"La realidad es como esa imagen nuestra que surge en todos los espejos, simulacro que por nosotros existe, que con nosotros viene, gesticula y se va, pero en cuya busca basta ir, para dar siempre con ella". J. L. Borges.

whatever we say it [order] is, it is not… It is more than we say, as well as being capable of being unfolded in infinity many ways that are different. To attempt to attribute order to object or subject is too limited. It is both and neither, and yet something beyond all this: a dynamic process that involves subject, object, and the cycle of perception-communication that unites and relates them.” D. Bohm.

"Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos, ... ". El Principito.

"Some people believe they know (e.g., many classical economists), others know they believe (e.g., many physicists, philosophers, people working in AI and social simulation), even more, others know that what they know is true while it is kept away from reality (e.g., mathematicians) ...". The Logician .

What does philosophy say about this?, see: Epistemology, introduction by F. Heylighen.